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How to: find a job after graduation

A job after graduation


Are you a recent graduate? Do you have a diploma in your hands and are you wondering what to do next? If you’ve decided to take a gap year, you are probably looking for a job at the moment. This is great! We know that finding a job after graduation might be complicated but there is no situation you cannot escape from. Here are some tips to simplify the job search for recent graduates.


  1. Make some research about the companies you would be interested in! Where would you like to work? What are the companies in this region? Are they hiring at the moment? Do some research about all these things in order to understand what interests you most. Find out what the work environment looks like in your chosen companies and what they have to deal with on a daily basis. This will surely help you to choose wisely! There is no need to be super spontaneous because it is a serious decision.
  2. Take your time to scan a lot of job offers! A job after graduation is an important step in your life so there is no need to dive into something in a hurry. Explore the job market first!
  3. Build a resume you are really proud of! Highlight your skills and everything you’ve gained during all the years at university. Experience is good but it is not everything: remember to mention volunteering and other activities your were a part of because all these details have contributed to what you are now! A job after graduation will be an entry level position where experience is not required. Here are our tips on how to build an amazing resume.
  4. Polish your online presence! We are not talking about making your drunk photos private on Facebook. This is obvious, right? Yet, what we would like to accentuate here is your LinkedIn presence. LinkedIn is a professional social network and it can really help you in the job search. No matter if you are already experienced or a recent graduate, this might become the key in your job search. Thus, make sure your LinkedIn profile is relevant!
  5. Prepare for a job interview! If you are looking for a job after graduation, the job interview is extremely important. You should know how to act wisely so that your lack of experience would not at all be a problem!
  6. Be brave to choose what you want! Choose what is important and what you really think is good for you. You can only achieve great results when you feel good about what you do.


Accept the fact that there is no path without any obstacles. If you choose something that is not right for you, be brave enough to change it because your future and your opportunities are in your hands.

Good luck making your job after graduation count!