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Writer Giannis Piotopoulos @WiPjobs Recruitment

The Most Important Soft Skills

Soft skills are a set of skills that every employee should have, regardless of the job they hold. They are personality traits of an individual that carry over and adapt to any environment they find themselves in and are what define them and set them apart from other employees, making them, and their CV, unique.


Analysis and problem-solving

It is about identifying the most important parameters in complex problems and finding creative and practical solutions to each of them. Problem-solving is a methodology that may seem mechanical, but it is a highly creative process. With simple steps (analyzing the problem, listing possible solutions, selecting, implementing, and evaluating the best solution) you can create the best possible conditions for a business to operate effectively.


Communicative skills

It is not a given that everyone can express themselves accurately and clearly in spoken or written language. In every part of everyday life, and especially at work, every worker must have the ability to convey his or her message effectively, adapting his or her style and expressiveness to the situation. From drafting an e-mail and writing a comprehensive report to giving a detailed presentation to a small or large audience, today’s employee must be able to convey his or her message in a thorough, clear, and targeted manner. Depending on your job role, communication skills (written or verbal) will help you to be more effective in your work and achieve the objectives required by your role e.g. customer development, account manager, secretarial support, sales, etc.


Task priority

The obligations in the work environment are endless, which causes confusion, stress and ultimately reduced performance. However, prioritising tasks correctly and demonstrating flexibility in organising work in an efficient manner is a very important skill that an employer looks for to ensure the effective running of their business. Find the most important responsibilities each day and organise your time accordingly.


Pressure control

Admittedly, the skill of pressure management is one of the most difficult skills. In the environment of any modern company, responsibilities are numerous and time pressure is almost a daily occurrence. Demonstrating efficiency, even if the workload is heavy, and dealing with problems in a positive way are paramount skills for you who want to stand out in a team.


Team spirit

“Teamwork makes the dream work” – no accident. The ability to work with others within a team at different organizational levels and respecting the individuality of each person in the team are very important skills to have. Each person in the team is a unique piece and together they all make up a unique result. Learn to identify the uniqueness of each team member and work effectively with them.



Everyone wants to lead, but few know how to do it right. The ability to manage, develop and encourage human resources for maximum performance is a part of every leader’s personality. In addition, being able to take responsibility as well as the initiative to deliver a high-level project within set deadlines are special skills for those who want to develop their career.



“Think out of the box”, or find the innovation! It is not enough to just implement what is asked of you but to be able to do it creatively. Put a unique, your own, twist on everything you do and look for creative ways to make your work stand out. This will, after all, show who you are and what you can really do.


The working environment and the demands on candidates have been changing rapidly in recent years and soft skills – professional skills – are becoming more important in the recruitment process of companies. Employers are no longer looking not only for academic knowledge and experience in a particular industry but also for a range of skills that will contribute to the appropriate selection of human resources.