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Facebook’s Job Search Feature



Facebook is a platform that includes many social services, and its prevalence is increasing day by day. We can say that it is in demand after certain career organizations, especially in job searches. So how can we use Facebook in the job search process?


How does it work? How do we reach?

On a particular company’s Facebook page under the Jobs tab, according to certain criteria in Facebook’s jobs board section; job postings appear according to the criteria determined according to location, job concept, and category types.

Another fairly common option these days is Facebook groups. Groups are organized for certain countries, and for certain cities, to show that certain languages are present in the group. Thanks to job postings and job searches published in the group, people communicate with each other and the process is carried out. 

Maybe you come across a job posting that may be more difficult to reach than you expected, and once you see, you are doing the job you are looking for.


What are the advantages?

-You can apply for a job directly on Facebook, and you can contact directly within the shared job postings. Thus, this process is carried out faster and easier.

-You do not have to repeat your education and work history with each new job application. Recruiters can access your profile information if you allow them.

-Since employers can review your profile and see what you post on your Facebook page, it’s in your best interest to avoid things that might make you look negative. Both you and your Facebook profile representing you must be suitable for the job posting to be applied for.


What can you do?

Appropriate and well-written posts, the scope of the shared content, specifying the talents and skills possessed, and specifying the scopes suitable for the industry will create a preferable profile for employers.

There are some simple guidelines you can follow to increase your chances of success. Here are some tricks from us for you 🙂


What you can do on your Facebook page before applying?

1. Your profile picture is the first impression

Your profile picture is one of the first things a prospective employer will see after you apply for a Facebook job posting. That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid any photos that might fall into the inappropriate category. Do not forget that the first impression that will be formed about you is hidden in your photo.

2. Basics

Be sure to check that your basic knowledge is sufficient. Since your CV cannot be added to the Facebook page; Make sure your contact information and address are up to date. It is useful to include your date of birth, skills and experiences. Please indicate your phone number and your active e-mail address so that you can be reached.

3. Cover letter

Since you cannot add your CV to your job application, you can prepare a short cover letter. You briefly mention yourself in the text box; education, experience, and a letter that may be compatible with the job you are applying for will be effective for your employer. It will be the right way for you to proceed in a style similar to the motivation article. Your thoughts on why you think you are suitable for this job and why they should hire you will become a criterion in influencing your employer.

-Be sure to follow the pages of the job postings you are interested in, and do not disrupt the interaction. Know what the company is interested in, what its current status is, and how it is. Let them know that you know them and that you are following them.

Everyone wants the relevant employee 🙂


If you have done all the tricks and followed the steps in a planned way, we do not doubt that you will get a job thanks to Facebook!