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Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them

“Our goal is to understand the candidate’s needs and provide the best solution for the future employee and employer.”

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Recruitment with Languages

We mainly address our services to students and graduates from every European country, who are taking their first steps in the professional arena or to those who are looking for a change and a new work environment.

Recruitment Process Outsource – RPO Model

To help you focus on your core business, we can take ownership of a part of your whole recruitment process. We offer cost-efficient solutions ranging from job analyses and design, recruitment and selection, interviews, on-boarding and much more.

Recruitment for IT

We have a Dedicated sourcing specialist team who can find any candidate profile throughout different platform and social media channels. In other words, we are not exclusively finding candidates on our database nor patiently waiting for their CV.

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We connect talent with top employers!

We focus our business on qualified, professional and skilled recruitment and HR consultancy.

Our company consists of a team of dedicated individuals, trained and experienced in providing candidates with a variety of consulting and personal services, according to particular requirements. We mainly address our services to students and graduates who are making their first steps in the professional area or to those who are looking for a change and a new professional environment, on account of the current radical changes in employment throughout the Globe.

Our goal is to understand candidate’s needs and provide the best solution for the future employee and employer.

We recruit candidates in several sectors, ranging from Customer Service, Accountancy, HR, Technical Support to Insurance, Sales, Logistics, IT, Finance, etc…

Our clients are companies from IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, consultancy and FMCG throughout Europe.

Our vision is to build an international specialist recruitment business and to deliver well-diversified and profitable fee growth. Additionally, our areas of Operational Focus describe how we manage the business on a day-to-day basis in response to changes in each market as and when they occur.

We constantly strive to make the perfect match between the candidate’s qualifications and our Clients’ requirements” – WiPjobs

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Connecting People for over 5 Years



Paulina Heizer

Paulina Heizer

Manager People Operations | Head of Market Research

Paulina is known for her professional experience in helping people to grow and develop their skills. She is a certified IBM Design Thinking, Agile and Digital Learning Transformation professional with extensive knowledge of the RPO and Talent Acquisition Industry.

Adriano Corso

Adriano Corso

Managing Director

With over 5 years of very diverse and profound experiences in Recruitment, Adriano has tailored his skills to cater to the needs of companies that struggle with attracting and retaining talent. He is familiar and skilled in sourcing, lead generation, marketing automation, social recruiting, and has exercised this in a variety of functions where he delivered RPO and employer branding solutions.

Khatuna Gujabidze

Khatuna Gujabidze

Senior Recruiter & Key Accounts

As key account manager Khatuna assists with and develops comprehensive training for staff as well as implementing new sourcing methods. Her invaluable project management support shows her passion and knowledge for optimising the recruitment cycle and delivering an outstanding candidate experience.

Atika Barjamaj

Atika Barjamaj

Client Manager and Recruitment Specialist

As a senior recruiter, Atika does not judge a person just from a resume but she puts a particular focus on how passionate he/she is. She likes creating relationships with candidates both professionally and personally. She believes in personal growth towards the connections with others and invests in time and energies in her network and contacts.

Laura Mameli

Laura Mameli

Junior Recruiter & Career Consultant

Laura is a dynamic and energetic person who loves new challenges. She loves working as a team to achieve common results. Her goal is to improve her personal and professional skills in a multicultural environment, to learn as much as possible from every person she talks to.
Nicola D'auria

Nicola D'auria

Career Coach | Talent Acquisition Specialist

Nicola is our internal Career Coach and Recruitment trainer. His philosophy at work is respect for the person and the belief that everyone’s potential, as well as trust, hope, and determination, can be trained.⁣⁣ Expert in Coaching and development, he is at the forefront to support the team to develop their resources, skills, and competencies. He is a flexible and precise person with a great spirit of initiative and participation, especially in teamwork.

Luca Cillepi

Luca Cillepi

Recruitment Administrator

Luca has a great experience in establishing relationships with prospective talent to create robust talent pipelines. He shows great enthusiasm and sincerity when talking to candidates and helps them to get the most out of their application along every step of the recruitment process.

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