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Writer Giannis Piotopoulos @WiPjobs Recruitment

These Are The Jobs of The Future

For several years now, the changes that have taken place at work have been impressive. Some of the occupations that used to exist have ‘disappeared’ and new ones have ‘appeared’ in their place, playing an important role in our daily lives. The occupations of the future are mainly in the technology and business sectors, but there is also a strong increase in creative occupations, especially digital ones. Traditional jobs have been shown to have undergone drastic changes over the years, while innovations can even affect today’s professions. So what does the future hold in terms of careers, given the new wave of technology that lies ahead of us?


Software Developers

They are, and will remain for a long time, valuable professionals in the market. They are part of the team that creates new systems to automate processes. Without programmers, this era of technology would not be in full swing today. They analyze, understand, execute, and maintain platforms and write the code that creates businesses and services.


Business Analyst – Economic and business analyst

The field of finance and business administration includes many professions of the future with very good and immediate rehabilitation across the business sector, in organizations, institutions, NGOs, and the public sector. One of these professions is the business analyst, an analyst who combines financial and business knowledge but also has data analysis skills.


Videographers & Video Editors 

Videos are included in the content of most websites, social media, and e-shops and dominate the digital world. As video content has skyrocketed, with social networks copying tiktok’s discovery engine and introducing reels to their platforms, videographers and video editors have become sought after and are included in the top professions of the future.


Content Creators on The Web

These professionals are already popular and will remain so for years to come. These are the people who create content online – also known as digital influencers. A creator is a “wizard” when it comes to social media, especially Instagram. The success of these professionals can be explained by the fact that people today want to connect more with real people rather than brands. However, brands around the world are already aware of this and are increasingly exploring partnerships with online influencers.


Online Teacher 

A major trend in the professions of the future is online teaching – which with the pandemic has been chosen by many. And teachers are beginning to realize the potential of the online classroom, which allows them to reach more students. This is a trump card for professionals looking to grow their knowledge business with the online course market becoming more and more specialized and spreading globally.


Personal Trainer 

Now that social media is increasingly influencing body image, the demand for people who want to work out every day will continue to grow. Many people find it difficult to maintain their physical activity, so they need the help of a specific trainer to get them off the couch and create personalized exercise routines, tailored to them! And that is none other than the personal trainer.


Community Manager

Responsible for engaging with the customers and communities around a company, gathering opinions in order to improve the business and the company’s position towards these people. Some companies already have people in this position, which will certainly expand in the coming years. This is an essential role within organizations, as they are the ones who build the culture around the company, creating followers of the brand in question.


Environmental Engineer

The environment is undergoing drastic changes and this profession will be an indispensable part of the jobs of the future. The main responsibility of the environmental engineer is to work with technology and the environment. The need to create new environmental management systems and solutions to help the planet is undeniable.


Information Security

Is the person responsible for ensuring that all of a particular company’s digital information is not tampered with or compromised. As technology has grown, so has malicious intent online. Unfortunately, some people are intent on stealing data from people and companies. Information security professionals not only ensure that data is protected but also help create new solutions.


Clearly, with the rapid technological progress, new jobs will be created that we have not yet thought could exist. For now, however, the must-have jobs of the future are here, and… sky is the limit!