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Writer Giannis Piotopoulos @WiPjobs Recruitment

How to Balance Work and Personal Life

We live in a time of great professional instability and insecurity, where demands in most professions are increased. These facts often make the boundaries between professional and personal life blurred and as a result, many people feel that it is difficult to find a balance in these areas.


  1. Set limits on your behavior

You need to be clear in your mind what your job requires of you. It is quite different to be willing to work extra hours in order to complete a project assigned to you by your supervisor or to help a colleague who may need help, and it is quite different to be considered a person without personality who will sacrifice himself for others, thus victimizing yourself and being exploited by others. Even within a family or a relationship, it is good to define your roles and responsibilities. Know what to expect from you.


  1. Don’t forget your social life

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time studying or pursuing a career, resulting in years without a satisfying relationship. I understand that for some people, studying or a successful career may be a priority. It is very respectful, but we must not forget that we must also get energy from different sources; otherwise, we will be exhausted. Put into your life the contact with other people. Start an activity that will help you socialize and bring you in contact with other people; this will make it much easier to balance your career and personal life.


  1. Communication is the keyword!

There will certainly be a time when a personal event will affect your work and vice versa. Feel free to communicate and share what is happening to you. Ask for time and understanding. Genuine communication and well-meaning intent will be appreciated and will create better conditions for yourself but will also ensure an environment that provides you with peace of mind and support.

As mentioned above, it is difficult to balance work and personal life, so try to be well-organized and enjoy what you are experiencing. Small imbalances will always exist, so learn to overcome them. This effort to balance is ongoing; it is a big part of life itself.


  1. Find time for fun 

Positive emotions are contagious and help us to become more resourceful, flexible and open-minded to solve problems more effectively. Even if you’re not in the mood for fun at work or at home, it’s important to try to introduce fun activities in both environments because it’s a proven effective tactic!


  1. Personal time

Research shows that enjoying some personal time and space is important for our well-being and offers multiple benefits to our environment. And it doesn’t even have to be a lot. For example, ten minutes of concentration or twenty minutes of exercise a day can make a significant difference to your energy levels, your emotional state and your ability to adapt to circumstances. Incorporate an activity you enjoy or a hobby into your weekly schedule, even if it’s only one hour a week.


  1. To balance it out, establish time without mobile or email

No matter how responsible a position you hold in a business or company, you can surely find at least a few minutes in the day or week in which you can live in a “communication block” from your work.


Unless you’re a cardiac surgeon or intensivist tasked with a serious case, it’s safe to say that you can put your smartphone on silent for 20-30 minutes and devote yourself to your partner, your child, your favorite TV show, your food, walking your dog, taking a nap, or whatever everyone enjoys… In silence, no vibration.