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Tips To Automate Effective Hiring

Tips To Automate Effective Hiring Automation is the ultimate future of every industry. For example, look at the hiring industry, things have changed for good. Yes, we cannot get human out of human resources, someone is still going to make job descriptions and hunt...

Krakow in the top best global outsourcing cities in 2017

Best global outsourcing cities in 2017: Krakow earned itself 8th place in the top 10.

As reported by the Tholons Services Globalization City Index in 2017, in the race for the best location with respect to providing international outsourcing services, Krakow has made one level higher compared to last year, ranking number 8 in the top 10 best cities.

8 super useful job interview tips you must always remember

8 job interview tips to keep in mind   Having an interview is probably the scariest thing in a job search. Thus, there are some job interview tips to keep in mind in order to feel confident and professional! Keep your talking short. Know when to speak up but also...

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