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How To Enhance Remote Team Motivation And Productivity During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about so many changes in the society and so many companies have been forced to introduce mandatory work from home policies. For those employees who have been used to commuting to work every day find this sudden change quite unfavorable and isolating. Below are some useful tips to maintain motivation for both employers and employees;

Work permits Poland

Foreign workers are required to have the proper visas and work permits in Poland, as established by immigration laws.


Working abroad comes with opportunities of exploring a new environment and the different cultures. According to a study done by the British Council, working abroad enhances your productivity and innovation in your place of work and it helps one build up on their skills that are necessary in their field of work.

6 things to know before getting the first job

Are you a recent graduate looking for a job? There are things to know before getting the first job! You should understand how the job search & the job market function in order to well position yourself out there.

Entry level job: what is it?

An entry level job can be an amazing starting point in your new career! Learn what entry level positions look like and probably even find one for yourself!

Why Experience is What Comes to Mind, Not Materials

You work hard and save money to buy things you like, but how many of them you can recall? Usually, you remember the details of the work you do to earn money. In fact, the joy of buying things is often unstainable and gone when the bills come.

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