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Career choices: what is B2B Inside Sales?

B2B Inside Sales


Your career is in your hands and there are plenty of choices to be possibly made. Yet, it is important to find out what the specific position is about before applying for it. Thus today, WiPjobs would like to discuss what is B2B Inside Sales!

First of all, let’s make sure that the definition itself is clear. Inside Sales are sales that the representatives handle remotely (via phone or e-mail). It is mostly applicable for B2B (business-to-business) type of communication but it can also work well for B2C (business-to-client).

Furthermore, it is important to accentuate the difference between Inside Sales and Outside Sales. Outside Sales are the traditional sales that the representatives handle directly through a meeting with an agent or a client. Nowadays, Inside Sales begin to dominate the market because it is more suitable both, for the Inside Sales representative and the agent who is being closed.

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However, as Inside Sales are handled via phone (or email), they are often confused with telemarketing. This is not correct! Telemarketing tends to sell low-ticket items (B2C), whereas Inside Sales work with high-ticket items. Plus, telemarketers usually have a script to follow during a call and they usually make only one call (quickly they either sell a product or lose a client). Whereas, Inside Sales reps have a huge strategy in order to approach their interlocutors: it is likely to have several calls before a possible meeting (but the meeting is not always the case).

It is useful to mention that even though Inside Sales reps often have to deal with inbound calls, they do not belong to customer service team. However, they do communicate a lot with their customers, so they really are responsible for the company’s reputation.

In addition, you will surely have a wide training before becoming an Inside Sales rep because it requires a professional approach.

You can apply for this position both if you are a recent graduate or someone more experienced. It depends on the company and its concept.


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