Get CVs & Resume Right to Get the Job


What does the employer hate the most when scanning through Resume? To achieve your potential job, make sure you never have any of the below mistakes.

 Mistake #1. Typos and grammatical errors (59%)

A survey in 2013 conducted by CareerBuilder found out that 58% of the employer cannot accept a candidate with the common errors such as misuse of words or overuse of punctuality. Review your CVs several times before submitting to make sure there is no mistake.

Mistake #2. Overly casual tone (50%)

Avoid using informal word or abbreviations which makes your CV too casual. Don’t be robotic but still be professional.

Mistake #3. Use of cliché (50%)

Do you use the below common cliché sentences in your CV?

“I can work independently”

“I am a hard worker”

“I work well under pressure”

Everyone can write like that! The employer needs specific information about you, not general information. Or you can write those cliché, but remember to prove why you can work independently through your experience.

Mistake #4. Excessively Long CV/resume (47%)

The Resume should focus on the prioritized information. The employers only spend about 3 mins 14 seconds to check if you are suitable or not. Sum up all of your working experience into 1 page. They should be relevant skills and experience. Except the experience with additional skills, that can support the position you’re applying for.

Mistake #5 Snazzy borders & backgrounds (44%)

You may want to add a flashy background to make your CV unique but this is only suitable for some jobs relating to arts. This could make your CV distracting and confusing instead.

Mistake #6 Writing in the 3rd person (43%)

Write the sentence in the 1st person, however, it does not mean all the sentences should start with “I”. Just try to avoid the 3rd person which makes you sound too formal and robotic.

Mistake #7 Use of cringe-worthy quotes (43%)

Quotes shouldn’t be in CV, they should be included in lifestyle sites or articles. In your CV, you should focus on yourself, why you are relevant to the job description.

Mistake #8 Use of clip arts and emoji (42%)

Do people actually use emoji in their CVs? Yes, they do. A resume is not a text message or Facebook chat. So just don’t. Never use that.

Mistake #9 Unprofessional emails address (39%)

It’s faster and easier to use your personal email address. However if you use teen-code in email or have a cute name such as or Then, it’s time to create a new email address. The best way is to use the combination of your first name and last name.

 Mistake #10: Inappropriate font

According to J.T. O’Donnell, founder of career-advice site, the fancy font does not make your CV look more attractive. Instead, your CV is harder to read and they would know less.

Tip: Save your CV as pdf file rather than .doc helps you to avoid formatting errors.



Get CVs & Resume Right to Get the Job with Infographic