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Melike Albayrak @ WiPjobs Recruitment

Red Flags In Job Interviews

A job interview is not just for the employer to evaluate the candidate in front of him/her. It is also done so that the candidate can evaluate the employer, and try to see if they can work with the employer in the near future. And of course, it is a first opportunity for the candidate to try to “scan” the working conditions in a workplace. It is important to avoid bad employers and an uncomfortable working environment. Everyday misery can stifle the professional ambitions of even the most optimistic professional. And of course, it can wear away at your health.

But how can you understand a bad working environment from the beginning? We give you some signs to recognize a bad working environment from the first job interview 😊


They don’t give you space to ask questions or show any interest in your background or career goals!

It is very important in an interview recruiter to show interest in learning more about you, to see if you are a good fit for the position, and to have a comfortable atmosphere during the conversation. Also, it is crucial that the company give you space to ask your questions to see if the role and the company are a good fit for what you are looking for. If you are not given any time at the end to ask questions or to be asked if you have any questions about the specific job is a reason not to proceed with this company to the next stage of the assessment as there is no room to find out more about the position, so you know if you are really interested.


You are asked personal questions, which are not related to the position!

Apart from the fact that it is illegal to ask personal questions during the candidate assessment process, such questions are not about your job performance or skills. So if you are asked questions such as whether you have plans to start a family, whether you live alone or with whom you live, or what your family members do for a living, etc., you are not obliged to answer. You can politely say “; I don’t think this question is relevant to the position we are discussing and I would prefer not to answer”; However, you are given an important clue to assess whether the company culture is a good fit for you.


The workers look quite stressed and distressed!

This is a fact that you can understand even more if you make a live interview with the company. The way you are welcomed by the front office manager, the mood of the person you will be interviewing, and in general the expressions and the way the other employees of the company move around the place can tell you a lot about the atmosphere there. If most people seem stressed, sullen, or scared, you can tell that no matter if they mention an excellent working atmosphere during the interview, the working environment there is probably not good.


Lack of diversity!

One of the things that can easily tip you off is entering a room or office where the majority will be middle-aged men. It is important to be in and work in a space that can and wants to include everyone.


The person in charge of the interview was late for your appointment!

Just as you would never be late for a business meeting, you should make the same demand of your future employer. Yet, tardiness can reveal a lot about the way a company operates or the philosophy of your future manager, beyond the fact that he has a bad relationship with time or simply, for him, time is something relevant. For example, he may have a requirement to stay in the office for more hours than your contract stipulates or he may forget himself during meetings and cause the whole team to be late. And you in no way want to interact on a daily basis and on a professional level with a person who doesn’t value and appreciate your time.


The interview process is lengthy and never-ending!

Several companies have created an interview plan that includes several phases so that managers can be sure of the final selection of the candidate. Some of these companies force candidates to go through two or three interviews before they make a decision. However, this is not a good enough excuse to tie up your time, fill you with anxiety and hope, just to tell you that you need to have another meeting with a senior executive.


The same applies, of course, to the times when they ask you to pass a test, wanting to verify that you have the necessary skills for the position they are seeking. Sure, it makes sense for them to test you, but if the tests you, but the test you will have to pass is many and the candidates even more numerous, then surely it’s worth your time?

📌 In conclusion, Keep your eyes open for red flags like these and you’ll be on your way to finding your next dream job in no time!