Esther Ouma

Writer @ WiPjobs Recruitment

How To Enhance Remote Team Motivation And Productivity During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about so many changes in the society and so many companies have been forced to introduce mandatory work from home policies. For those employees who have been used to commuting to work every day find this sudden change quite unfavorable and isolating. Below are some useful tips to maintain motivation for both employers and employees;


  • Professional Development Opportunities

With all the spare time that we have, employers can take advantage through enrolling their employees on free/discounted online course for professional development. Employees may feel stagnant during this time so online websites such as Hubspot or Udemy are good resources for improving skills.


  • Define clear roles

The role for each employee needs to be clearly defined so that employees can focus and work on their tasks efficiently. Communication channels should also be effective to boost productivity. Make use of Google Hangouts or Zoom to communicate with members of your team concerning their roles and if you can help them out in any way.


  • Company updates

Create a digital notice board for your employees to keep them up to date with what is happening in the organization. Have regular calls to check on your employees, ask what they have planned for the day and know how they are doing both physically and mentally.


  • Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a great way of rewarding employees and keeping them motivated and engaged when working remotely. For instance, an employee can be celebrated for a great work done through shopping vouchers, lunch, etc.

We are not sure when this pandemic will be over however, we need to stay positive and pray that things will get better soon. Employers and employees need to work hand in hand for the success of the organization. Use time wisely in order to be more productive.

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