Joana Lima

Writer @ WiPjobs Recruitment

10 Ways to Stay Motivated and Positive during the Corona-virus Pandemic

Corona-virus has impacted people in various ways on an international level. That way it is understandable that the society may be feeling scared, concerned and anxious by all the uncertainty and constantly changing alerts with regards to the spread of the virus.

In order to help you pass these hard times, below are some mental health and well-being tips that we hope can help you to continue looking after yourself:


  • Reset Your Goals: Set short-term goals that aren’t taxing, but will keep you moving, such as a 14-day challenge of 30 minutes running every day.


  • Limit your exposure to media coverage as this can rise feelings of fear and anxiety. Perhaps choose specific times of the day when you will get updates and be sure they are from reliable sources of information.


  • Maintaining routines where possible: create a routine that priorities things you like and even things you have been wanting to do but haven’t had enough time. Read that book, watch that show, go for that new hobby, etc.


  • Connect with family and friends (even if not in person). Get creative with how to interact. Here are some ways to stay connected if self-isolating:
    • Set up a gratitude tree: where every member posts a message or sends a text to other members to share something they are grateful for.
    • Find a buddy or group to set daily challenges with. These could include a healthy habit, a mindful practice, a creative pursuit, etc. Be sure to encourage and check in the progress daily to stay motivated and also motivate the others.
    • Set times to watch the same TV shows/movies or study with someone and message each other your thoughts along the way.


  • Staying physically active: Follow online exercise classes, stand up, relax with meditation, etc. To support healthy individuals in staying physically active while at home, WHO/Europe has developed specific guidance for periods of quarantine, including tips and examples of home-based exercises.


  • Eating nutritious food and keep yourself hydrated: Good nutrition is crucial for health, particularly in times when the immune system might need to fight back. Limit your sugar, salt and fat intake. Consume enough fibre. Prioritize fresh food. If you feel like eating out take advantage of food delivery options.


  • Seeking additional support if needed: There are some help lines that you can use to clarify your doubts or ask for assistance. You don’t have to be afraid or ashamed of contacting one of these. Remember that what’s important is to stay healthy!


  • Watch funny videos/movies to have a positive mindset.


  • Look after your neighbors: You may be part of a low risk group but it may not be the same for your neighbors whose immune systems are compromised by other diseases or age. The act of checking on them (with security distance, of course) will make them and also you feel good!


  • Practice random acts of kindness: Write an unsolicited book review for a friend of yours who is an author, comment on a colleague’s LinkedIn post, send a letter to someone you like, etc. Think of those who could benefit from your generosity and then act.