Joana Lima

Writer @ WiPjobs Recruitment


In this digital age, the workforce keeps changing and working remotely is being embraced more than ever before. Technology has made it possible for employees to work remotely especially for organizations that prioritize output over being physically present in the office. According to Irma Hunkeler, 30% of professionals either work from home, freelance or outsourced. Below are some of the benefits of working remotely;


1. Increase in Productivity

According to a study done at Harvard Business School, employees who work remotely are more productive compared to those who prefer the office setting. However, working from home isn’t cut out for everybody. A survey done by Flexjobs found out that 66% of professionals thought that they would be more productive working remotely compared to working in the office; 52% revealed that they prefer the home office when they need to fully concentrate and get work done. Working remotely is more productive since there’s less distraction, less noise and you can dress casually and be comfortable; a person is able to customize their working environment to meet their needs.


2. Better work-life balance

Working remotely comes with flexible schedules; employees can start/end their day whenever they choose as long as the tasks are completed. This flexibility will enable an individual to attend to their personal needs with ease.  Also people who work remotely tend to be happier in life and loyal to their employers. Such people have lower stress levels and have the time to concentrate on their hobbies and interests; they also have better personal relationships.


3. Low costs

Professionals who work remotely save money on commuting to work every day. Also there’s no need to have a separate work wardrobe from the normal day-day outfits. You also save money on food since you can always whip something up in the kitchen.

Organizations can also save money on renting office space. If most of your employees work remotely then there’s no need to invest in a big office space since rent can be quite expensive. You also save money on resources such as water, electricity, paper towels, coffee etc.


4. Wider pool of applicants

Remote work mostly attracts millennials who mostly consider flexible work environment when looking for new roles. The young generation can communicate from anywhere in the world and they expect to do the same in a working environment. Remote work can attract applicants who are not necessarily interested in the role but the fact that they can work remotely. The organization can widen their horizon by working with the most talented professionals regardless of where they are based.

Organization should now more than ever hop on board in matters working remotely as this benefit will give you an edge amongst your competitors and you will definitely attract a pool of highly skilled talent to take your organization to the next level.