Esther Ouma

Writer @ WiPjobs Recruitment

Top Five Reasons To Work Abroad

If your schedule is quite flexible then you might consider working abroad for a while as it may be of benefit to our career. Some people may reconsider working abroad because of strong family ties in their host country however taking this leap of faith will prove to be worth it in the long run. Below are some of the top five reasons why you should consider moving abroad for work;


1. Wanderlust

If you have a strong desire to travel the world then working abroad could be an avenue you need to pursue. Working abroad will help you save money and be able to finance your trips around the world. There’s so much to discover and experience in this earth – from meeting new people of different cultures, exploring hidden gems or even seeing the Seven Wonders of the World.


2. Grow your professional network and improve your resume/CV

According to Richard Hanson “Outside of your local environment you will get the chance to network with other stakeholders who may become influential later on when it comes to being tapped on the shoulder for your next internal promotion opportunity. Trust is a major part of doing business in Asia, and LinkedIn just isn’t going to provide the same “look in the eyes” moment of mutual trust and agreement.” This simply means that if you physically grow your network then the better for your career goals.

Employers are usually drawn to people who have worked abroad for a while and this enhances your employability a great deal. Working abroad equips you with transferable skills that are required in any industry.


3. Gain knowledge of your industry in a global perspective

You may decide to stick to your professional field; therefore, it would be a good move for your career goals if you had a clear understanding of how your industry works in other parts of the world. Each country has their own way of doing things and the experience would be a huge asset for your career.


4. Learning

Working abroad will give you an opportunity to possibly learn a new language. This will definitely make a huge impact in your career life since bilinguals/multilinguals are usually sort after the most in the current job market.


5. Memories

With every new experience comes with the urge to document it. As you enjoy your time working abroad, document your journey through pictures, videos, journals etc. as a way to look back and reminisce on your time there. Also build long lasting relationships that are beneficial to your career.