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How to Write an Outstanding CV in 7 Simple Steps [Infographic]

Write an Interview-Winning CV


Do you think that your CV is more outstanding than other competitors? There is no exactly CV format as it depends on each candidate. However, to attract the employer’s interest and avoid the common mistakes in writing CV, it is essential to understand the difference between a professionally attractive CV comparing to a generally unappealing one. The employers are usually busy and they can only spend just a few minutes to scan each CV.


Your chance to be selected depends enormously on your CV. Don’t let any mistake ruin your potential job and remember to add some golden rules in the useful infographic about How to Write an Interview-Winning CV from StandOut- CV below.


This only takes a few minutes to go through 7 simple steps, but it can upgrade your CV into a higher professional level. Let us show you an Interview-Winning CV infographic and tips to gain the positive first impression in your CV.

Source: StandOut-Cv.com
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Some other tips through recruiter expert’s view:


  • No more than 2 pages of A4. Keep it simple, it should be easy to read. Employers receive many CVs at the same time, most of them make decisions through scanning some sections of your CVs.
  • Understand the job description. Your CV needs to be relevant to the job requirements. You should use the bullets which are more emphasized and easier for the employers to read.
  • Include recommendation letters or reference. This should be written by the career-relevant people such as teachers, tutors, and professional people.
  • Update your CVs when you have done projects or volunteering works. The employer always refers experienced and enthusiasm candidate after all.
  • Double check to avoid any grammar error, revise again the next day and listen to other trustworthy opinions.