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How to attract employers through the internet?

Using Social Media to Attract Employers


Nowadays, having a Skype interview for a job is a normal thing. Because of the development of technology, we should get used to this kind of competitions between candidates.  We must admit that the first impression is the most important thing, due to an online conversation, it can determine the result of your job interview. This type of impression happens when employers check out your social channels like your Facebook page, Instagram photos, Twitter profile. They will get immediately an opinion on your profile by viewing it for 3 seconds. If you have been tagged in a huge amount of photos that you are drunk and in the end you are unconscious next to a bin, then it is better to delete these photos to save your prestige.


On Stride, an infographic has been created (see below) how to create the perfect first impression online.

1. Create a strong LinkedIn profile:

Having a profile on LinkedIn can impress the employers in an instant. Create a strong and impressive headline and upload a professional photo to prove that you are serious about your own career. If you also have recommendations of your colleagues, then it can be a plus too!


2. “Clean” your social media profile:

First thing what people can see (and will check for sure) is your photo. People will judge you by your photos. If you have a lot of picture that you are having fun with a huge amount of alcohol and also, you are drunk enough to not know what is happening around you, than it is needed to say this is not  the type of the candidates that employers want to hire. They would like to know you are a human just like they are, but these photos would not be accepted by them.


3. Be prepared for online interview:

Be sure, if you have an online interview through Skype, your username should be a professional one. No one wants to hire someone who’s username is like ‘#SweetieBaby1996’. After this point, if you have the appointment for this interview, make sure you are well dressed for this event. Nobody wants to make an interview with someone in their pyjamas.  After all, be sure the place where are you during the interview is not dirty and messy. Tidy and a well-ordered room can be also an advantage.


4. Check yourself on the internet

For checking your name, your profile. google Alerts is a great development that alerts you every single time when your name is tagged on the internet. It is a good thing to know because as you can search for your partner through the internet (like you do every time when you want to have a date on Tinder), employers can do the same: they can check you, your profile, your past on the internet.


5. Accept yourself

Being friend with yourself is really important. Be proud of who you are. You can share photos of your achievements, important events, and moments to show that you are happy with your life. Employers also looking for someone who has a good personality too.

Courtesy of: OnStride