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What does it mean to be extrovert?

Everything Extroverts Need to Understand About Themselves (Because They Deserve Love, Too)


This question can be a hard to answer if we are not aware of the meaning of to be extrovert. First of all, we should explain it. Most people think that an extrovert is a person who is always friendly, smiles a lot and outgoing. But it is not the true meaning of extroversion.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung said the idea that extroverts are those people who get energy from being around with others. Based on studies, 1/3 of the population are extroverts.


Basic characteristic of an extrovert people:


  • Comfortable in groups
  • Outgoing
  • Energized by being with other people
  • Have a lot of friends
  • Always wants to try new things

Those people who are extroverts, they are energized by being around of other people. For example, they are more energized when they have others around them, or they always want to try a new thing. But there are two sides of the coin every time: just because they are outgoing and open minded, it doesn’t mean that they are happy all the time.

When extrovert people is alone they can easily become bored. if they don’t get enough interaction, they’ll end up feeling pretty drained.


Extroverts need to take care of these things:


  • Young people are more sensitive to be under pressure and tend to drink more than their friends.
  • Extroverts’ passion may drown out the good ideas if they are not surrounded by people.
  • Because they are social people, they might not learn how to entertain themselves during those times when they are alone.


If you don’t know what to do to not be bored, then here is some advice how to boost your mood:


  • Try a new activity (at least) once a month .
  • Be in contact with a large group of friends. The more people you can interact with, the better to guard your happiness.
  • Socializing is the most important thing to your happy life.

Sometimes if you fake it to be extrovert, makes all types of people feel better. They are living for the moment, and this fact shows that if they get a recognition, they will get a higher boost of happiness than introverts. And also, no matter where they are, being with extrovert people, it makes the others feel happier. That is why they seem to be so nice and friendly because they can make the people laugh easily.

Source: happify.com