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Why Experience is What Comes to Mind, Not Materials

Buy Experience, Not Goods


“Get it now and pay for it later”. It’s the common mindset of using the credit card. In fact, the joy of buying things is often gone when the bill comes.


You work hard and save money to buy things you like, but how many of them can you recall? Instead, you remember the details of the work you do to earn money. Realizing the perspective “buying thing is less satisfying than working for it”, you can experience a true joy you deserve to achieve.

Why Experience is What Comes to Mind, Not MaterialsPhoto: Caio Vinícius via Flickr

The short-term satisfaction has no real value. You may experience in the situation when you want to buy something immediately, keep thinking about it for hours. But, do you still feel the same now? Is it just a passing feeling for that moment only? When you buy your favorite car, you may feel as if you can use it forever. However, you become get used to it and soon you find other cars better. Remember to spend on things that you need the most and use your money to experience fulfillment instead.


The survey in the 1970s is conducted by Philip Brickman from Northwestern University and his colleagues to see if people receive the huge amount of money without effort, does it make them happier than before? Brickman contacted the group of people who won the biggest prize in Illinois State Lottery. Another group is a control group which is the group of random people from the Illinois telephone directory. Everyone was asked the level of happiness they felt at the moment and expected in the future. Surprisingly, those people, who had won the lottery, reported to feeling less happy than the randomly selected people. In fact, they see more happiness and pleasure in small things in life.


A new psychological study done by San Francisco State University proved that spending your money on life experiences results in greater pleasure for both the consumer and people around them. The purchases such as movie theater tickets or a meal out lead to higher satisfaction and well-being. The reflections of the participants in their recent purchase indicate that the money they spent for experiential purchases for both themselves and others produces more happiness.


Try these tips to spend happy money that maximizes your pleasure:


-The size is not important: Don’t equal large purchases with happiness. Small expenses involving social interactions such as meeting new friends, going to the concerts and meeting up or drinks create a social connection and lasting memories. Little things add up and spread longer.

-Giving more: Buying your loved one with a surprisingly small gift, this way not only brings them happiness but also makes your day. This happiness lasts longer than ordering an expensive meal for yourself. Just a small gift is enough to express your feeling to them.

-Focus on experience, not materials: Again! Remember if you don’t want to regret in the future.


“…your experiences really are part of you. We are the sum total of our experiences” 

Dr.Thomas Gilovich