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Values of friendship and ways to appreciate it

What friendship really is in our lives?


It is August 7th and it is the International Day of Friendship! Friendships can be perceived differently, they can change but they still play an important role in our lives. WiPjobs has read an inspiring article on www.theatlantic.com about how friendships change through life, and now we would like to invite you to discuss the values of friendship in our contemporary society.


“We should definitely meet up sometime soon!“ This is the phrase that we all can relate to (at least partially). People tend to say this to someone who was (or maybe still is considered as) close. Now, it may just be hard to find some time to catch up among all the things that a person has to deal with in his/her life. It is a sad yet natural true of our society.

The most important moment about friendship is that it is a voluntary and informal relationship that both sides appreciate and try to create something out of it. At the ‘grown up‘ age, friendships might make space for romantic relationships or job-related issues… But this is the most amazing thing about it: even when friends do not see each other regularly, the real friendships tend to survive and stay strong, which means friends always know that they have someone to depend on. And that is beautiful!

The real friends are the ones who care for you and who wish you all the best, and you are the real friend if you do the same. Friendship gives you someone who you can trust and who lets you be true to yourself. Even though at the adult age people tend to spend less time with their true friends, they also tend to maintain this relationship, and it is usually ‘reanimated’ at the older age when the kids are already raised and the work is done. And we do not talk here about the acquaintances that (usually) are temporary, but about the deep friendships that (usually) are really strong.


To celebrate the International Day of Friendship we would like to suggest you some tips how to maintain the strong relationship even though some circumstances do not let you meet up with your best friend regularly. (Find these in the infographic, too!)

  1. Fix some time to catch up with one another regularly: does a phone call on Sunday at 9 p.m. every two weeks sound good? Let him/her know what is going on in your life and hear what your friend is saying.
  2. Initiate the meeting in real life: if possible, meet up for a dinner or a cup of coffee (the more often, the better). Because we all know that the live talk is the best.
  3. Plan a trip together: it will help you to get some rest and travelling will make your relationship even stronger.
  4. If you discover something inspiring (a song/a book/a movie/etc) and are sure that your friend would be interested in it, don’t wait until you meet up and share it now because it means that you care for your friend. And this is great because now is the only time!
  5. If you miss your friend, say so. It will be the best reminder that you appreciate this friendship!


Friendships are about sharing, and sharing is caring: so care for your friend and he/she will absolutely care for you no matter what! Try to share more moments together because it is worth it.