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How to master your body language in a job interview [with infographic]

Improve your body language


We all know that a job interview is a scary place to be. Yet, it is something that everyone has to face and in order to leave the best impression you have to master some aspects. Today WiPjobs would like to discuss the power of body language and its place in a job interview.

Body language is non-verbal communication and translates much more than we usually tend to think. In fact, the verbal communication is often supplementary because the body language says most of the things a lot faster. Knowing that, recruiters learn to read the body language so that they could fully approach and understand their candidates.

As a job interview is a quite stressful moment, your body language will actually show whether you are able to deal with a stressful situation and stay calm or you just kind of start panicking (you’d better not, of course :)).


Here are some tips to look confident and rule the interview (find those in the infographic as well!):


  • Sit straight and keep your head up: because this can reveal a lot of things, it can show your shyness and fear so good posture will add confidence to your look.
  • Maintain eye contact: it shows that you are calm yet resolute and brave.
  • Nod to show your sympathy towards what the recruiter is saying and to show that you are paying attention.
  • Sit calm and comfortably: without crossing your arms or legs because it creates some kind of distance between you and your interlocutor.
  • Choose the right tone of voice to express yourself verbally and make your idea clear.
  • Do not gesticulate too much.
  • Finally, be prepared for the interview: think of the questions and do your research because uncertainty creates tension and stress (which are to avoid).


Let’s keep this in mind and pay attention to how we act during the interview! Because it is important and we want to look our best, right?