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Top 4 things Recruiters NOTICE FIRST in a Resume

The most important points in your resume


Have you ever wondered what the recruiter sees first in your resume? To make sure your resume is a WIN one, you must understand the recruiting process when they look at your resume in the first place.

According to the top recruiters, the recruiting world is not somewhat difficult to understand like people tend to think. It is much easier to understand if you know those things below. Let’s find out more about this with WiPjobs!

Things a recruiter notices first:


  • Most recent role

What is the person’s current status? Why do they have an interest in a new role? How long have they been working in the last position? And most importantly, the recruiter wonders about this question: Is the candidate most recent experience relevant to the position they need?

  • Overall experience and recognition of the companies:

They need to know the frame of your last company. For example, if you work in Amazon, it means you are probably accustomed to working on international projects. If you’ve worked for a startup company before, it means you probably have worked in different positions simultaneously.

  • Keyword search

They have to look through many resumes, if you do not include the keywords that they’re looking for, it will take longer for them to read yours. This lowers their interest in you, therefore, you should ensure that the keywords contained in the job’s requirement are represented in your resume.

  • Overall appearance

The ability to present the idea clearly, the spelling or grammar mistakes are all noticed by the recruiter at first glance so make sure to do it all well!

Things recruiters do not pay as much attention:


  • Education:

Except if you are a new graduate and lacking experience, they will look at your experience first. According to a recruiter: “ There have been times in my career where I could go a month reviewing hundreds of resumes and not recall looking at that section even once.” However, there are some companies or industries where education is an important component, for example, consulting company.

  • Fancy formatting:

What you do not know is that when you are applying for a position online, many companies’ tracking systems scan your resume for information and convert it into the plain text format. Normally, they do not see how fancy or creative your CV is. The original file is still there for them to look, however, they hardly click on it. It is recommended to put the resume in PDF format so that it can be converted into text clearly and look readable.

  • Personal details:

In Europe, it is common to include citizenship, family status or photo in the resume. However, in the US, it is a little bit different. The employers want to avoid any type of discrimination. Therefore, seeing this information makes them feel uncomfortable as they just want to pay attention to your work history.

  • Cover letters:

They just want to see your resume. It is common that a lot of candidates do not do it anymore unless the application process requires.



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Answer by Ambra Benjamin.

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