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TOP 5: try these free resume templates to stand out from the crowd

Free resume templates to try out


Your resume is a key to the job interview you were aching for. But you know it right: boring resumes do not interest anyone anymore. Thus, WiPjobs suggests you take a look at these amazing free resume templates to build the resume that you are truly proud of!

  1. Ikono.me: a creative yet minimalistic design. Build a resume that is both, stylish and informative!
  2. Typographic resume: this one is probably the most outstanding! Get an unusual approach and impress your future employer!
  3. Hadi Reda: a hyper-minimalistic resume to show your best skills! Keep it short & keep it clear!
  4. Look professional: this free resume template is probably most universal one out of these Top 5. It looks simple but makes a clear statement about yourself. Plus, the possibility to grade your best skills from 1 to 5 which looks very nice!
  5. Build your personal brand: if the industry that you apply for allows it and if you want something a bit fancier, this one is extremely good! Don’t talk too much – show what you want via graphics because visual information is at its peak now!


If you like those free resume templates, feel free to download them and use it for your good.


Embrace your creativity, good design, and curious ideas and freshly dive into the job search!

Source: creativeblog.com