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Career choices: what is a Recruitment Specialist?

What are jobs in recruitment like?


Your career is in your hands and there are plenty of choices to be possibly made. Yet, it is important to find out what the specific position is about before applying for it. Thus today, WiPjobs would like to discuss what jobs in recruitment look like and what is a Recruitment Specialist!

Firstly, jobs in recruitment obviously involve recruiting process. Thus, a Recruitment Specialist usually works in the Human Resources (aka HR) department.

Jobs in recruitment demand a strong sense of responsibility because a Recruitment Specialist has to source, find, analyze and, finally, hire a new coworker to one or another team in the company. This position leads a candidate to become an employee.

In addition, jobs in recruitment require an amazing accuracy: a recruiter has to deal with a lot of different applications and manage a wide range of job interviews. Thus, it is important to have a keen eye for details in this job in order to be able to choose the right candidate.

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Plus, you only can move forward in this career path if you are flexible enough. As different departments look for different employees, recruiters have to quickly adapt to the situation and understand what the actual needs are.

Recruiters also tend to have a very good set of communication skills in order to approach various candidates in a relevant way.

Lastly, languages are much appreciated in this job! A recruiter with good foreign language skills not only can find more suitable candidates but also can interview them in a professional way. Thus, as workplaces become the more and more international nowadays, jobs in recruitment also tend to require a good level of a foreign language.

Requirements of specific education or previous experience to apply for a Recruitment Specialist position vary. While some offers may require a BA degree in Psychology, HR Management, etc or a similar experience, the others are more open helping young job seekers integrate to the job market and suggest entry level positions with no previous experience in the recruitment field required.

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