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Start your career abroad: TOP 6 tips

How to start your career in a foreign country?


Are you wondering what it would feel like waking up in a foreign country and heading to work in an international setting? Yup, it should feel pretty amazing: you could gain international experience, deepen your knowledge and broaden your skills set. Are you already buying the tickets? There’s something you should know before boarding the plane/bus!


  1. Communicate. Maybe you have a friend who is native in your chosen country? Or maybe you know someone who is already moved there? Talk to people and talk a lot: this will lead you to getting great advice and a better understanding of the new environment.
  2. Do you already have a job in your country? If it’s a big company that has some international offices abroad, explore your opportunities of moving to one of them! This will help you start your career abroad without stressing out too much because at least the working environment will be somehow similar.
  3. Deepen your skills or gain new ones! Take classes or online classes to learn something new and read a lot. It will help you become a more professional candidate and will show your intelligence.
  4. Keep in mind that it will surely be easier to find a job in an international company or organization!
  5. Engage. Use social networks (especially, LinkedIn) and make them start working for you! Remember that LinkedIn is an amazing opportunity to grow your network and share the message that you are willing to get some professional experience and to start your career abroad!
  6. Be creative and have a thoughtful answer to ‘Why do you want to start your career abroad?’! This will show your enthusiasm and courage to really start something new!

If you are willing to start your career abroad, do not hesitate, because it will absolutely be worth it!

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Source: socialtalent.co