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Tips to make your resume the best (II): experience and education

Improve your resume: experience and education


A resume is a key to a good first impression. Thus, if you really want to have a great start and to stand out, you need to improve your resume writing skills. WiPjobs has now prepared a series of ‘how to’ articles that might be helpful in creating your image and representing yourself. In the first part, we’ve discussed the best ways to start: storytelling and formatting. The second part is dedicated to your experience and education.


Work experience: the competencies you acquire


The right description of the competencies you acquire is absolutely one of the most important things in a resume (if not the most important). There are some rules how to make it look better.


  1. Recent and appropriate experience: remember that you do not have to mention ALL the work experience you got. The most important task is to mention the experience that is suitable and applicable to the position you’re applying for. Keep in mind that the most recent roles are the most interesting as well because they prove your current competencies. Besides all that, think properly before filling the work experience part of your resume because you may have perfectly rich competencies even if the role you’re applying for now is different than the previous one!
  2. Bullet points: consider making strong bullet points because bullet points are always better than an entire text. They make you go straight to the point, they are clear and easy to understand. Make around 5 bullet points to describe a previous role.
  3. Mind your language: remember to describe your work experience in the way that is easily comprehensible to everyone. Try to avoid a certain professional jargon if you can say the thing in other words. Furthermore, avoid drivelling and use the words that really make sense.
  4. It’s your show time: prove that you are worth the position not only by mentioning the tasks you had to get done but also the things that you’ve accomplished while managing those tasks!
  5. Every experience that made you gain some competencies counts: mention volunteering or your hobbies if it has made you improve your skills!


Education: the knowledge you have


The education you have demonstrates your skills and also can show your intelligence, so be sure to know the details you need to accentuate.


  1. Put education after experience: if you have enough work experience, put it first to highlight the experience part. If not, highlight your education.
  2. Put everything in a reverse chronological order: this makes you accentuate the most recent information.
  3. No need to mention the years: mentioning the degree is usually sufficient.
  4. Mention everything that has enriched your knowledge: remember that online courses or classes you took beside the degree count just as well!


Have these tips in mind while creating your amazing resume! And check out the next part of this series of articles coming soon.


Source: themuse.com