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5 non-traditional tips for a job seeker

Non-traditional tips for someone looking for a job


We‘ve all heard of those tips that define the way you should look or act to get the job you want. They are useful, true. But sometimes, it is more important to think outside the box, to find a new approach and a new look. Today, we would like to compare a traditional and a non-traditional thinking. Let‘s discover some new aspects of job seeking advice!


1. “Be a bit weak!” instead of “Be tough!“

Ask questions and show that you don’t understand something if you don’t. By that, you will not demonstrate your lack of potential to accomplish the work, instead, you will show your determination to do things well. People tend to think that toughness is the biggest strength of all. You have to stay strong, that is true, but a different situation brings a different reaction. Be what you feel like being in that moment.


2. “Wait before applying for a job!“ instead of “Apply right when you find a job offer that seems interesting!“


Make a research about the company, think of all the duties you would have to handle, if you can, ask someone what they know about this role that you would like to apply for. Think of the details before applying! This will make your application well considered. Let‘s forget spontaneity for a while!


3. “Have a nice relationship with everyone!” instead of only “Build a nice relationship with a recruiter!”

You should be friendly and polite with everyone because it is the whole image of you that counts. Of course, the recruiter’s opinion is basic but you should show your respect to all the personnel no matter what position they have in the company.


4. “Listen!” instead of “Speak up!“

Listening is a key not only to the career but in life in general. Try to hear what the employer is saying and you will turn this communication efficient.


5. “Create a dream job!” instead of “Find a dream job!”

Don’t wait for a dream job to come to you and invite you to its place. This won’t happen (sorry!). Instead, you have to work hard and to improve your skills. As you will get better and better at what you are doing, you will start finding new loveable aspects of your  work and eventually, you will probably enjoy it to the point of calling it a dream position! You have to make efforts to love your work and you have to try to achieve great results, first.


Remember to think differently when it’s appropriate and be creative!