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Simple tricks to increase the level of your concentration

Stay focused!


We have all experienced the situation when concentrating in order to get the work done seems to be the hardest part. It comes all the way with some kind of laziness and procrastination which are not at all helpful when the deadline is approaching. Yet we can always think of some strategies to improve our ability to focus, and these can be some easily applicable ones. Www.mindtools.com has suggested some tips regarding the phenomenon of concentration that WiPjobs would also like to share with you because staying focused while at work means staying productive.


First of all, take care of your environment!

  • Comfortable workplace – Set your chair and desk comfortably in order not to focus on your physical position.
  • Peaceful sounds – If you are not a “total silence” person, try reducing background noises by listening to some calm instrumental songs. Some people say that nature sounds (like flowing river or wind blowing) are the best when you need to stay focused and to forget the background.


Remember the nutrition, too!

  • Water – Keep in mind that our brains work the best when they get sufficiently hydrated. Hydration intensifies their performance.
  • Breakfast – Taking nutritious breakfast will give you the energy to start a day and will wake up your brain.
  • Movement – When taking a break, get up from your desk and walk at least around the office: walking boosts your brain and it helps you stay efficient. If you have a possibility to go outside during the break, grab it and breathe in some fresh air. Remember: one hour of work usually requires ~5 minutes of pause.


And then, lower distractions!

  • Time management – Manage time to deal with problems: write down the issues that keep you worried and determine the time to fix those problems. Having a schedule is always helpful in order to stay focused because it gives you a clear vision of all your tasks.
  • Unitasking – Even if the ability to multitask is considered as a bonus in the job interview, multitasking really keeps you from focusing on your work. If you need quality, normally, you can do well one task at a time. In addition, while working on the only task, you waste less time on trying to concentrate again. P.S. avoid checking your emails while getting some other work done. 😉
  • Differentiate the tasks – Try finding the golden mean between high-attention and low-attention tasks. When you get some serious work done, start doing the task that demands less concentration in order to help your brain take a rest. Remember, you can always have a little pleasure for yourself after you complete an important task. It keeps one even more motivated!
  • The level of importance – Know which task is more important than the other. Start prioritizing by making a list which will be very helpful to avoid procrastination because we all know: sometimes when you have loads of work to do, you do not do any of it because it’s just too much.


Staying focused leads to being efficient and accomplishing your work. Accomplishing your work leads to being happy of yourself and of what you are doing. This means staying focused can help you feel better and be proud of yourself! So be it!