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How to: start an international career?

Start an international career


Have you ever been willing to start an international career? Have you ever wondered to try to work abroad or at least be a part of an international company in your own country? Starting an international career might not be as easy as it might seem. You should know some basic stuff that will help you to sum up all the steps you have to take before heading to your fresh start.


1. Grow your professional network. Networking is super important if you are willing to be seen. Attend professional events, conferences and lectures. That will not only be a possibility to meet people from the same professional field, but you will also have a chance to learn something!


2. Excel your skills. Master the skills that you will surely need in your job. Become an expert at what you are doing and don’t take anything for granted. The employers are looking for someone who is capable of doing things well: be that person! If needed, attend new courses of lectures to deepen your knowledge in the field.


3. Experience: internships & entry level positions. Keep in mind that internships are an awesome place for you to build your skills and to gain some experience: start doing your internships as early as you can! Besides, don’t jump too high just from the start: remember that you will have to grow your career step by step. It is absolutely normal to start from an entry level role!


4. Be confident and original! Show what are your strengths and how you can actually contribute to the company’s good results.


5. Just be yourself! Because ‘everyone else is already taken’, right?


You will eventually find it, just be strong and smart to keep looking for your place!

Source: IEAA