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8 super useful job interview tips you must always remember

8 job interview tips to keep in mind


Having an interview is probably the scariest thing in a job search. Thus, there are some job interview tips to keep in mind in order to feel confident and professional!

1. Keep your talking short. Know when to speak up but also understand when to shut up. You should keep your talking short and directly go to the point of your answer. Plus, not speaking too much and thinking before speaking is always considered as a plus: you look analytical-minded and more serious. A moment of silence is not a bad sign at all!


2. Be polite! Don’t interrupt your interlocutor. Let them finish their idea first and wait for a second before answering. In addition, be polite and nice to everyone you meet in the company (be that the cleaning lady, the receptionist or the manager). (Actually, this one counts to the daily life just as well, right?)


3. Good time management. Do not ever be late, yet do not arrive half an hour before the interview! Arriving 15 minutes before is max.


4. Stay unique! Remember to stay creative and original while staying serious and professional. The interviewers will remember you if you try to be somehow extraordinary (in a very good way, you know).


5. Honesty is the best currency. Have honest answers and don’t ever lie. Be yourself because people will understand your lies eventually and this will surely make you lose this job opportunity.


6. Do your homework! Learn how the company works and who the interviewer is. A little research has never killed anybody: show your interest in the job and your enthusiasm!


7. A thank-you note is a nice gesture. This will surely leave a nice impression about you. Plus, hiring managers tend to be more favorable towards the candidates who do send the thank-you notes.


8. Have some patience! Don’t reach out to the hiring managers every day: you will only seem exhausting. Ask when you should expect their answer and, in the case of silence, try to reach them in a week.


Hopefully, these job interview tips will actually be helpful for you. Be confident, do your homework & stay yourself! Wishing you best of luck!


Source: theundercoverrecruiter.com