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5 tips: to find a language job

Find a language job! Because it’s great.


Are you fluent in two or more languages (aka Are you bilingual)? If so, you are probably willing to find a language job in order to apply your best skills in one place. However, finding a language job might be tricky sometimes, so there are several steps to keep in mind before your language job search!


1. Research the company. Make sure you understand well how the company works and what the whole industry is about. It is very important for you to make sure whether this place is good for you, or you should just keep looking.


2. Carefully read the job description. Good job descriptions contain a lot of useful information if you only know how to read it properly. Are you a suitable candidate for the position? Do you have a suitable skill set and fulfill the requirements? If you want to find a language job, fulfilling the requirements is even more important!


3. Build your resume according to the position you are applying for. If you are willing to find a language job, accentuate the language skills that you have. Keep in mind that one resume is not enough for all the positions. At least try to improve it every time before clicking on “send”.


4. Leave no typos! Be professional and make sure that your message, cover letter and resume have a good grammar.


5. Write a cover letter. A cover letter might actually help you find a language job: highlight your strengths and demonstrate how you could contribute to the company’s work.


A language job is great! It’s a huge opportunity to grow personally because you are dealing with an international environment daily. In addition, it is usually constantly changing (no time left to be bored!). So just go get that language job! Explore your possibilities: we have a lot of nice open vacancies for job seekers like you!


Source: http://annewhitten.ca/