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A reminder: 16 useful tips to conquer a job interview

Tips to win a job interview


Is job interview something that makes you nervous and your hands sweaty? Well, don’t worry too much, it’s what it does to most of us! It is above all the feeling of uncertainty that we all experience when having our future in someone else’s hands. However, as usually, we cannot avoid this situation, we have to at least try and do our best to finally rule the interview and get that dream job. WiPjobs now invites you to prepare yourself for THE moment by following these easy but important steps found on www.businessinsider.com.


Please remember that there are 3 parts of preparation: before, during, and after the interview.


Before the job interview you should:


  1. Get to know the target company. Almost 1 of 2 hiring managers gives the negative answer because the job seekers know too little about where they are going. It is important to show your interest in what the company is working on. Try to distinguish and remember a couple of specific aspects that will definitely show you serious attitude towards the possible employers.via kaboompics.com
  2. Get to know the interviewer(s). First of all, it will help you to reduce the pressure. And, secondly, you will possibly find something relatable for both of you which is always great because it adds a positive aspect to your account.
  3. Think of meaningful questions and of an interesting way to tell your story. You should definitely avoid the answer “no” to the “Do you have any questions?” The negative answer always shows a lack of initiative which is not considered as a bonus. Furthermore, you should find a method to talk about yourself in a way that intrigues the listener. Be brave and try to distinguish!


In the interview you should:


  1. Be dressed well. Not too trendy, yet not the beach style. It is sad but true: the first impression counts a lot! Remember to pick the outfit which would be suitable to wear every day at that job.
  1. Make 2 extra copies of your resume. It will show that you are prepared and you will once more demonstrate your serious attitude.
  2. Have a good handshake. Of course, squeezing the hiring manager’s hand is not a good idea. Yet the handshake has to be pretty strong: remember the weak handshakes tell about the lack of self-confidence which you surely do not want to demonstrate. Almost 1 of 4 hiring managers emphasizes the moment of a handshake.
  1. Be sure your phone is off during the interview and, please, be on time. The politeness and time-management skills are always very well considered.
  2. Let your posture talk about your self-confidence. The body can definitely talk for you so you’d better let it do a good job. Sit straight and relax.
  3. Nod and smile. Remember to show the interviewer that you are listening to what is being said. Again, it will show your interest and you will seem to be (and will be) more relaxed. They say that even 38% of hiring managers accentuate this!
  4. Gesticulate. Gestures will always make you seem to be at your ease.
  5. Remember the eye contact. 67% of hiring managers accentuate it and this is absolutely natural: the eye contact is something that proves your fairness and the awareness of what you are doing.
  6. Leave your contacts for all of the interviewers. It will emphasize your willingness to get the job and show your persistence.
  7. Consider asking when you should expect the answer and who you could contact to know it. It will add some stability to your waiting days.
  8. If you do really want to work there, remember to say so!


While waiting for the answer:


  1. Send a thank you email for the interviewer(s). It would be best to do it few hours after the meeting. By doing so, you will remind about yourself and show some respect.
  2. Expect to get the answer in a week (approximately). If everything you hear is silence, keep looking for new possibilities because there are plenty of it in this world!


Now we are sure that you know everything.


So be brave, be classy, know your path and go get that job!