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Stay productive: 8 tips to be better at it

8 tips to be more productive at what you are doing


We all recognize those moments where one lacks productivity. It‘s not that difficult in nowadays life: there are a lot of distractions and usually, a lot of tasks to handle, that it becomes a struggle to complete every single of it well and on time. That is quite casual and yet the life would be much easier if we managed everything efficiently. Thus, WiPjobs suggests you some tips in order to maintain or increase your productivity level.


  • Manage your time consciously: doing a lot of small things (aka multitasking), like responding to emails while working on some project, is not a good idea if you want to achieve efficiency at work. Do what you really have to do in that precious moment.
  • Avoid looking/being too busy with a lot of things: busyness is our own illusion that we work hard and that the world appreciates it. According to Sociologist Christine Carter, “Busyness is not a marker of intelligence, importance, or success. Taken to an extreme, it is much more likely a marker of conformity or powerlessness or fear.” In reality, being too busy means leaving a lot of things only partially done because one person cannot solve every, little or big, problem of the company. And one doesn‘t have to!
  • Identify what is an ideal employee in your head: forget the idea that the ideal one is someone who does not have any social life or any life at all beyond his job. Instead, the ideal one is someone who can manage his tasks with productivity and who knows that it also requires a normal amount of time to take a rest in order to maintain the good level of attention. The ideal employee can even work fewer hours than the average one if he is good at completing the tasks well and on time.
  • Try leaving some things unfinished: it will add some playful spirit to the tasks you have to manage and, most importantly, it will help you have a different look at it. As you will surely continue thinking about the task, you will possibly have some different ideas about it, thus, you will be able to improve your work.
  • Take some time off: it helps you see the work from a different angle and contemplate on new solutions which might be helpful in order to stay more productive with your future tasks.
  • Remember that ‘no‘ is a normal word: you cannot agree to take every task on Earth and you do not have to (because too much to do usually is not much to do). Instead, you have to set your priorities.
  • Recognize and appreciate the achievements you make: it can be a quite small thing but in perspective, it can be big enough. Writing down your goals and achievements is always helpful to see the progress and to keep you motivated.
  • Have more time tomorrow by completing the tasks today: do not postpone any of the tasks to tomorrow if you are capable of doing it today. It will be helpful for your time management and  it will be a pleasure to have less work later.


Stay productive, have a nice attitude toward the work you are doing and you will be good at it!