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Being an introvert at a nowadays workplace

An introvert at work


It seems that the whole world is turning with and for the extroverts. It seems that you can achieve great results only when you are loud, rowdy and straightforward. Good news is: this is false! Introverts can achieve as much (if not more) as extroverts do because they own some indispensable skills. WiPjobs has read an interesting article on themuse.com and has listened to an inspiring TED talk, so let‘s talk about introversion today!

As you know, there are two kinds of characters in general: extroverts and introverts (besides the ambiverts in the middle).

Introversion is usually perceived as shyness and social awkwardness but it is not true. The truth about introverts is that they know how to enjoy their own company, they have to have some alone time to recharge their energy resources and they tend to be less loud. As Susan Cain mentions in her TED talk, shyness is a fear of personal judgment and this is not the case of introverts.

Besides, as introverts are better at spending time alone, they are better at focusing on their tasks: they tend to have more patience and so, more willingness to achieve a result of good quality. Introversion is also helpful for the creativity: as we usually do the creative work individually. Introverted people are great at managing their tasks independently as well.

However, it does not mean that introverts must work all by themselves and not talk with anyone. No! It only means that they must be appreciated and heard just as well as everyone else.

If you are an introvert at the office reading this: we‘d like to encourage you to be yourself!

  • Have some alone time if you feel like it (for instance, during the breaks)!
  • Yet create a circle of people you enjoy spending time with – because people are great if you choose the right ones to surround you.
  • Get the job that would be enjoyable and let your creative powers bloom!
  • Know your worth and be brave to appreciate who you are.


Because there‘s a place for every one of us on the Earth: just be you and you will eventually find it! (Even if you are an introvert in a nowadays office!)