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8 most common mistakes on LinkedIn

Make LinkedIn work for your future


Social media becomes the more and more useful in a nowadays job search: its importance increases constantly because social media can clearly reflect your image. Furthermore, the social networks are easy to use and are being used almost all the time. Thus, it is a great way for the headhunters to reach the job seekers directly. It applies especially for the LinkedIn, a professional social network.

However, we should know how to use our LinkedIn profiles properly in order to express our best qualities and to get the right attention of the hiring managers. Thus, WiPjobs would like to accentuate some common mistakes that you should avoid while using the professional network. Because LinkedIn is a version of your resume online!


  1. You don’t have a background photo: put on a background photo. People tend to appreciate visual information the more and more nowadays. Let the visual details be creative and informative!
  2. No profile picture: choose a profile picture where you are alone (not with your kid or S.O.) and where you are smiling. A smile is always good in order to translate a positive message. It is recommended to change your picture from time to time so that it could highlight your presence on the network.
  3. Leaving grammar mistakes and typos: check this carefully because these little details are extremely important in order to leave a nice impression of yourself. Be professional!
  4. Not joining any of the groups on LinkedIn: there are plenty of groups of a wide range on LinkedIn as there are on Facebook. You should join them to show your willingness to learn and to be present as well as to build a larger network.
  5. You don’t pay attention to your summary: describe yourself properly and use keywords!
  6. Typing your skills incorrectly: type the skills that LinkedIn is able to recognize.
  7. You don’t ask for recommendations: you should ask for them because it makes you seem more serious and reliable.
  8. You don’t share updates: share work-related articles, photos or videos to be present on LinkedIn. Remember that the graphic information is worth a lot of attention!


Have these in mind and keep you profile up to date! Be present because your presence on this social network can really be your key to a new job offer: so get ready!