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The importance of emotional intelligence at work

What makes emotional intelligence important at work


The emotional intelligence (EQ) is one’s ability to identify and express his/her emotions properly. It involves the awareness that there is a large range of how you feel and it is absolutely normal (even though the feeling itself might be negative). Nowadays, the emotional intelligence matters the more and more and it becomes appreciated as well as the IQ.


However, let’s talk about what makes the EQ important at work!


  • Dealing with stressful situations is easier for people you are able to recognize and cope with their emotions. Emotionally intelligent people are more likely to become a part of a constantly changing environment.
  • Communication tends to be more open as people with a high EQ understand others and are more  willing to accept different people with various points of view.
  • Empathy. As emotionally intelligent people are great at perceiving their own emotions and feelings, they also tend to be empathetic toward others. They try to hear what the other is saying and other’s state of mind really matters to them.
  • Usually, people with a high level of EQ are better at staying calm and handling a situation so they are capable of leading a team. Those people are also more likely to understand that things can have different results and we have to be able to deal with them no matter what.


Emotional intelligence is just as important as the IQ. We should try to merge these two qualities together in order to achieve the best results of our work. As emotional intelligence really is a key to a good teamwork and a right dialogue, it must be even more appreciated in the future. Try to develop your emotional intelligence because it is absolutely worth it!