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Tips to make your resume the best (III): qualities & other details

Improve your resume: your qualities and other details


A resume is a key to a good first impression. Thus, if you really want to have a great start and to stand out, you need to improve your resume writing skills. WiPjobs has now prepared a series of ‘how to’ articles that might be helpful in creating your image and representing yourself. In the first part, we’ve discussed the best ways to start: storytelling and formatting. The second part was dedicated to your experience and education. Now, we would like to talk about how to accentuate your qualities and what are the other important details that you should know while building your resume.


Qualities: what makes you great

Highlight your skills and interests in order to show your individuality.


  1. Definitely include your skills in the resume: only there are two basic rules! 1) Mention the skills that are appropriate and relevant to the position you are applying for & 2) avoid mentioning ‘universal’ skills that everybody masters nowadays.
  2. Make some space for your interests: accentuate who you are in order to leave some individual and unique image of yourself. However, you should only mention the interests that are somehow related to the field you are willing to work in.
  3. Avoid anything that might have any controversial connotation: politics, religion or race are not the themes that are likely to leave a nice first impression, really.


Details: polish your resume

Have those in mind because the essence lays in the little details.


  1. The short-term jobs: do not mention it if the job wasn’t supposed to be a short-term one but you just didn’t stay long at that company. It makes a superficial image of you. Instead, focus on the jobs that really mattered to you and helped you acquire great competencies. Note: if you had several temporary jobs, this rule doesn’t count!
  2. Explain the longer ‘jobless’ periods of time: accentuate why you had to take these and what you did during this time. This will make you sound serious and reasonable.
  3. Make sure your grammar is impeccable: because grammar is important!
  4. Save your document in a pdf format: avoid any possible misunderstandings of formatting.


We hope that these tips will help you create an outstanding resume and get the job you want! Be serious, be brave and take the challenges!


P.S. if you have somehow missed the previous articles of the series, they’re here: Part 1 & Part 2.