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Hobbies in a resume: to put or not to put?

Should you mention hobbies in your resume?


The resume is your green card towards the job interview that you were dreaming of. Thus, you should build it carefully and with consciousness. Listing your professional experience and education is obvious but what about hobbies in a resume? Is it ok or should you avoid most of the time?

Well, there are, as always, several opinions. Some say that mentioning hobbies in a resume is a waste of time. They say that hiring managers do not really care about your free time activities because they need you to work.

However, WiPjobs has a slightly different point of view on this issue. So let’s learn why, when and how listing hobbies in a resume is a good thing to do!

< the WHY? >

Hobbies in a resume can tell a bunch of things about your personality. Let it shine through the whole serious layer (while staying professional, of course). Mentioning hobbies can really help you to stand out from the crowd! And sometimes (though really not that often) it might even help you to find something in common with the hiring manager or the possible employer.

<the WHEN?>

You should always only talk about your hobbies when it is relevant. It depends on the situation, but please consider the fact that your hobbies have to be somehow related to the field you are applying for. At least this should show what skills you are able to develop through one activity or another. Not a single thing has to be random on you resume!

<the HOW?>

While keeping it relevant to the job position, remember not to talk too much. Please mention no more that 4 hobbies (or field of interest). Otherwise, it might look exaggerated. Plus, keeping things short demonstrates your ability to prioritize and put things in order (which is always nice)!


List your hobbies in resume: be creative, brave and know your goal!


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