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10 surprising facts about your job search

Your job search in a nutshell


If you are currently looking for a job, you probably already know some tips and tricks on how to do it properly. A job search is quite a long process (usually)! However, today WiPjobs will leave the interview tips behind: let’s talk about 10 most surprising facts in a job search!


1. Employers get the first resume within 200 seconds after the job offer appears online.

2. Recruiters tend to spend around 6,25 seconds on your resume before making the decision about your suitability for the position.

3. Only around 17% of the recruiters tend to read the cover letters. (Yup, the one you were making so many efforts on!)

4. A lot of companies do not want to accept someone who is currently unemployed.

5. 44% of the recruiters explained that someone who has been unemployed for 2+ years has probably the most difficulties in finding a new job.

6. Meanwhile, only 31% said that they would hardly accept someone with a criminal record.

7. 66% of recruiters do not want a recent graduate: recent graduates are usually seen as unprepared for work.

8. Recruiters usually tend to accept someone who is similar to themselves.

9. Employers are 1,5 times more likely to accept a man than a woman (even though their qualifications are the same).

10 .Recruiters tend to google the job seekers and they will obviously make a social media research. (Make your unprofessional photos private!)


Source: buzzfeed.com