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Explore Poland through World Youth Days in Krakow

World Youth Days 2016 in Krakow: what is this festival?


Have you heard of World Youth Days? Do you know that usually, it takes place every three years? Do you know where it will be celebrated in 2016? WiPjobs has decided to answer all these questions with a little help of www.krakow2016.com.

World Youth Days (WYD) are celebrated worldwide by the Catholic youth and this celebration is crowned by meeting the Pope. It is a huge and very well organized event that aims to gather young religious people in order for them to share some spiritual experience. WYD started with St. John Paul II when the Pope, for the first time, invited young people to come to Rome in 1984. Normally, WYD takes place every three years, and the last one was arranged in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is 2016 and World Youth Days came to Krakow this year! In addition, as we all know, Poland is a religious country, so the whole city is looking forward to meeting with the youth and is preparing for this great event. The celebration will be held from 26th to 31st July but the whole journey to WYD covers approximately two weeks and includes also “Days in Dioceses” when young people stay with their host families.

This year‘s celebration is centred around the “Touch of Mercy” which is the theme of WYD 2016. It includes catecheses and meetings with Pope Francis, but also the program of the festival will offer a wide range of concerts, performances, sports activities, art exhibitions, etc.

The festival seems to be extremely well organized and wants to attract the possible maximum of people to Krakow. Normally, several hundred thousand young people come to WYD. So, as you can see, this is really big!

At the end, just have it in mind: if you feel the vibe to come, feel free to travel and come to the beautiful city of Krakow to experience spirituality on July 26-31 and explore Poland!

All the practical information about WYD 2016 can be found on www.krakow2016.com and on social media!