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Find out how to attract recruiters with your resume

Find some tips to get your resume look better


We know that having a good job is really important. And also, it is well known that we are not the only one who do apply for a job. Recruiters receive more resumes than you can imagine for every job offer that they post. Because of this amount of applications, sometimes they do not have enough time to go through each of the documents. Of course, there are a lot of bad ones that won’t even get touched. But how do you know that your resume can be a winner? In order to be the best of all, you must create a considerable one. You need to attract recruiters!

In this article, we will give you some advice.

In any case, we need to describe what recruiters want. They decide whether your job application will be accepted or not, so you should know how to attract a recruiter’s attention.

Firstly, recruiters need to open your CV. What a surprise! Who could have imagined it? Yet, this is the first step and maybe the most important one. But for this, you need to write a short but strong cover to get the attention on you. Two or three sentences can be enough and make sure that you match your skills to the requirements of the offer.

Secondly, recruiters have just a few seconds to scan your profile and decide what to do with your application. That’s why your point is to write a simple, clear text, and also to highlight the key information, such as skills and experiences.

Moreover, recruiters are focusing on your recent role. They will be looking for your position within the organisation, the work what you’ve already done, and also they will be interested in people you interact with. Achievements are really important for them because they want to see how ambitious you really are.

And for sure, be aware that they are looking for those small mistakes, undescribed or unexplained gaps in your resume.

In the end, remember: leave no spelling and grammar mistakes and make out of your resume a well-organized one!