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5 Ways To Use Facebook To Find A Job

Social Networks: Find a Job has been never that easy


How Facebook can increase the possibility to find a job

Nowadays a lot of recruiters use social media as a channel for finding and attract potential talents. They are using also different tools that will easily lead them to find a suitable candidate by using simple keywords.

Facebook is not only a great social media to connect with your friend, but it also can be an incredible source for your next job if you know how to use it rightly.

To find and to be found on Facebook, for instance, you can follow this 5 simple tips and you may be approached by a recruiter when you least expect it.


#1. Use Keyword and fill in your details

As mentioned above recruiters use some tools that allow them to find profiles but inserting some data. This means that if you add for example the city where you live or the languages you speak, more likely you will get the chance to be found.


#2. Join Relevant Groups

This is quite obvious but not everyone is actually doing that, therefore, if you would like to find a job abroad or to a specific Country, make a research on Facebook and join those groups. For example, if I want to move to Dublin I will look for all the relevant groups about “Jobs in Dublin” or “Jobs in Ireland“.


#3. Follow Recruiters 

Recruiters are posting a lot in groups, so a good idea is to follow them and monitor them. You can also write a direct message and if you share the same group with them, in most of the cases they should get a notification about your message.

Other option it could be the one to look for their email address in their LinkedIn profile because nowadays is basically mandatory for the recruiter to have a LinkedIn account.


#4. Check Your Message Folder

As per above, if you are actively looking for a job on Facebook, make sure you check all your message folder on Facebook, due to the fact that if someone contacted you and you are not directly connected with this person, whether as friend or within the same group, it may happen the message lands in another folder.

However, it seems that Facebook make this process a bit easier and from now you should  always receive a notification once a person send you a message and you will be able to approve this message or not.


#5. First Impression is What Counts

Yet, if you are actively looking for a job on Facebook, remember that recruiters and companies are looking into your profile thus it may help not sharing “unusual” contents about you during the time you are looking for a job.

I am not saying you have to delete all your crazy pictures, but I am suggesting that during the time you are actively willing to find a job, don’t share too much crazy stuff about your lifestyle.



You can also learn a great deal about a company’s value through their Facebook page. When looking at a company’s page, recruiters advise you to pay attention into three things:

Photos which provides the culture of the company as formal or casual workplace. Therefore, you can decide which is the best clothing to wear on the interview day.

Content which is a valuable source to prepare for your interview. Also, by acquiring more information about the company, you have more information to analyze whether the company can be a place for your development through their projects and initiatives.

Engagement through comments and their responses, does the company often receive positive reviews? How do they response to the negative as well as positive comments? This could emphasize on the culture of the company also.

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