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10 Dangerous things to not put in your CV [Infographic]

10 Things not to put in your CV

Make sure your CV will not be throw away immediately


#1. Personal:

It is recommended not to include discriminatory or questionable data in your resume. This is because a recruiter or company could be influenced by this information. Although usually it should not happen in good companies, it’s just better to avoid to specify your religion, marital status, kids or ethnicity.


#2. Spelling Mistakes & Grammar:

One of the most important things to avoid is sending a CV full of mistakes and bad formatting. It is simply unprofessional and will show you care too little to get the job.

Let’s say that some minor mistakes are allowed, like for instance if you forget a comma or small spelling mistakes, but if the CV is totally not understandable it will not be taken into consideration.


#3. Irrelevant work experience:

Cut out any irrelevant information which will dilute this key message. Read the job description carefully and decide what information is actually relevant to the role. 

And if you don’t match the position requirements, you are wasting your time and time of the company recruiters. They will not call you. For example, if a position requires knowledge of German and the only words you know is “Danke”…. you should not apply for the position.

#4. Show off Hobbies and Oddities:

For the most part, employers do not need or want to know what you get up to in your spare time.

#5. Be negative:

It’s important to use positive language on your CV. Replace negative phrases with positive ones.

Read all the other 5 points in the infographic below: