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5 skills that you get when learning a foreign language

Learn a foreign language


Skills are something that might actually help you get a better job and do it faster. The right skills are usually even more appreciated than some specific experience. That is because experience can vary but the developed skills are more universal.

Another factor that is much appreciated in the job market is your linguistic knowledge: multilingual professionals are nowadays being sought after.

Thus, today WiPjobs would like to discuss what happens when you merge these two important factors: skills + languages.


Let’s see: what skills do you develop when learning a foreign language?


  1. Creative approach: when learning a foreign language you are constantly facing unfamiliar situations. The culture that one language brings may vary, people may communicate in a different style… Thus, you must develop your creativity in order to better understand all the details that form the different point of view.
  2. Problem-solving capacities: as the new language brings its own atmosphere and as you are a newbie, there is always some challenges to face. That is where you develop your problem-solving skills: you develop the understanding that there is always a way out.
  3. Flexibility. Flexibility is somehow similar to the skill listed above. It is your capacity to adapt to a new situation. The simplest example could be when you forget a word or a phrase in the middle of the conversation. You cannot simply go and hide and be ashamed, no! – you have to find a similar expression to fill the gap of your memory. Learning a foreign language actually makes you learn this rule: everything is flexible and you can always find a solution.
  4. Analytical mind: employers appreciate this skill a lot. Your analytical thinking means that you tend to have the capacity not only to see the details but also the wholeness of a situation. This is indispensable when learning a foreign language: to understand the linguistic system, you have to make your brain work!
  5. Openness. Last but not least, you really develop an open-minded spirit when learning a foreign language. You learn to understand the cultural differences and to accept them. You start to see the real beauty in those contrasts, and this becomes priceless.


Learn foreign languages: this will not only help you get the job but also will develop some universal and valuable skills!

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Source: oise.com