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How to: find a language job? 5 things to keep in mind!

If you want to find a language job, remember these!


Language jobs can bring you a lot of new experiences and that is what makes them very interesting. Multilingual jobs offer you an international setting. Thus, you have a chance not only to grow your career in an international company but also to grow personally as you must usually deal with a multicultural team. However, in order to find a language job, you should know how to properly search for it. Here are 5 most useful tips to help you out.


  1. Erasmus experience. Study abroad experience can actually help you find a language job you want. It shows that you have lived abroad for a period of time and it actually tells a lot about your independence and ability to communicate in a foreign language.
  2. Tell the truth about your level. Remember: you will not find a language job (where a foreign language is actually important) without a test or at least an interview in that language. That is why there is no point in lying and exaggerating your level. Be honest.
  3. Be proud of your language experience and name it. It actually proves your skills and competencies better: name the courses you took, the internships you did and all the other relevant language experience. The good impression is guaranteed!
  4. No need to be C2. If you are able to communicate and express your ideas in a foreign language, it is already a big deal! Have more confidence in yourself! Yes, you are not native in that language, but you are multilingual and that is something to be proud of! In order to find a language job, you have to be able to communicate easily in that language but it is perfectly normal for you to make some mistakes. Everyone does them.
  5. Scan international companies. These are the ones that are the most likely to offer a language job. As the business becomes the more and more international nowadays, a lot of big companies open their offices in smaller or less known countries. Explore your opportunities to work in an international setting in your home country!


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Source: theguardian.com