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6 things to know before getting the first job

Preparation for the first job


Are you a recent graduate looking for a job? Will it be your first real job experience? If so, there are things to know before getting the first job! You should understand how the job search and the job market function in order to well position yourself out there. Let’s see the most important points!

  1. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Always keep in mind that there are a lot of people looking for a job just like you. (They probably have more professional experience, too.) Remember that this does not make you inferior: you just have to see the whole job search and preparation process seriously!
  2. Internships. This is something to do in advance in order to pave your way for an actual job search. Internships will let you develop some important professional skills. You will also have a possibility to see if the actual industry is right for you! Or maybe you should try anything else? Internships experience might really simplify your process of getting the first job (the real one 😉 ).
  3. Networking. Growing your network is a necessary thing to do. Be present in the industry events that interest you, attend conferences. This will help you to better understand the chosen industry, to meet people and generally to deepen your knowledge in the field. By the way, remember that social networks are also important in a nowadays job search. LinkedIn is one of the chances to be seen: use it consciously.
  4. Prepare for the job interview. When you come to the point of having your first job interview, please, prepare well! It is extremely important if you want to look professional, make a good impression and hopefully reach the point of actually getting the first job. Don’t take the job interview for granted: prepare!
  5. Know your advantages and disadvantages. Thoroughly think of your best qualities and your imperfections. What are you good at? What skills should you develop more? Make some auto-analysis in order to better understand your place in the job search (and job market, too)!  
  6. Learn from mistakes. Keep in mind that getting the first job does not have to be the easiest thing to do on Earth. Everyone does mistakes and you are about to do some, too! Have the right attitude toward them and remember that your failures shape you stronger self.


Wishing you luck in getting the first job! We also have job offers for people like you here!


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