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Recruiting in the Era of Social Distancing

Description: The world pandemic has changed most aspects of life. Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected most industries worldwide, and obviously, it has turned most of the work processes upside down. In case if you are wondering how to conduct a recruiting process safely during this pathetic situation, then read on!

You might take extensive care of your customers, but remember that your employees are also working under you and demand proper safety from the company. That is why you must be amending your company’s recruiting process to take care of the security of your interviewees. By proper recruitment, we just don’t mean the interview process, but there is a lot more you need to take care of while hiring an employee now. So, delve into the article to know correctly what steps should be taken to conduct a safe recruiting process in the era of social distancing.

Right Ways of Recruiting During the Era of Social Distancing

Prefer Video Interviews

As of now, you can see that everything around is conducted digitally. Similarly, while recruiting an employee too, it is recommended to choose a digital platform to do the interview. Make sure that the platform you choose offers minimum technical glitch and keeps your data secure.

Choosing the right platform for the interview is very important to gain the potential employee’s trust-related to security in recruiting. If you are planning to conduct an interview, including with your other team members, then choose a recruiting platform that can help you add multiple members with ease.

Create a Safe Environment for an In-person Interview

Well, we understand that not all companies are comfortable with the online recruiting process. And if your company also falls in that category, then keep in mind some basic safety requirements. Firstly, make sure that you instruct every interviewee to wear a mask. Provide proper sanitizing facilities and also decline to shake hands while greeting.

Ensure that wherever the interview is conducted, the place is well sanitized after each person walks out of place. Also, do not allow the crowd of interviewees to stand close to each other. Promote strict instructions for social distancing. If you are comfortable with these basic safety guidelines, conducting an in-person recruiting process won’t be a trouble.

Help Your Team to Coordinate with the New Rules

The entire recruiting procedure needs proper coordination among the team members. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make your team compatible with the new rules. Brief your recruiting manager with the guidelines that you have formulated for the recruiting process during the pandemic. 

Ask your team members to wear formals while conducting an online recruiting interview. Just because the interview platform is shifting from offline to online doesn’t mean that the basic recruiting formalities will be neglected. If they are in charge of conducting the recruiting process in-person, then also brief them with the proper safety guidelines. Perfect coordination among the team members can make the task of recruiting much easier.

Brief the Interviewee About Some Basic Disturbances During Online Interview

The online recruiting process is much different than the offline one. That is why you need to brief the interviewee about the new normal guidelines. Tell them that there might be technical issues between the recruiting process, unwanted background noises, etc.

You can apologize to them later for any of the above mishaps during recruiting. Yet talking about these basic disturbances at the start of the recruiting process, will help you or your team members cut down the embarrassment later.

Focus on Proper Skills of the Interviewee

As of now, we recommend you look for skills like availability and quick learning capacity. The person you are recruiting must be a quick learner to adapt to the new normal easily. As a recruiter, you must hunt for skills that suffice to the needs of the time. It is now very important to find people who can work efficiently following all the safety guidelines.

You should be taking care of the other requirements of the post too. Say, if you are recruiting someone as a blockchain specialist for an online website, then look for a skilled person to create a proper blockchain of online slots for fun. Likewise, search for the necessary skills in addition to the quick learning skills.

Provide Clear Details While Wrapping-up the Interview

Like most other companies, if your company is also following the ‘work from home’ strategy, inform the interviewee about it while recruiting. It is important to inform them about the job circumstances because you cannot afford to hire someone who cannot abide by the work policies.

Also, tell them that it might take a few days or weeks to provide the final decision of the recruiting process. All these basic details must be a part of the wrapping up conversation of the recruiting process.


We hope that this article can help you know the details of the recruiting events that must be followed for a healthy recruiting process during the pandemic. If you follow these basic tips, then you and your team can conduct well-managed interviews even during the era of social distancing. What of the tips mentioned above are you planning to follow while recruiting for your company during the pandemic? Do let us know!

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This article was written by Thomas Glare who is also a Human Resource manager. He understands the need to make his department efficient and he uses his articles to enlighten other people about the same. Besides that, he loves reading about the latest technologies, especially those related to work efficiency.