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Tips To Automate Effective Hiring

Tips To Automate Effective Hiring

Automation is the ultimate future of every industry. For example, look at the hiring industry, things have changed for good. Yes, we cannot get human out of human resources, someone is still going to make job descriptions and hunt down the talent. However, the process has improved over time. Digital platforms, software, and a lot more have eased the process.

Now, companies can find out the talent without going through the lengthy processes that come with a huge risk of missing the best candidate. Now, the candidates have the best job search tools, and companies have some amazing software to automate the process.

How to Automate The Talent Hunting Process?

The world is evolving, and we, as human beings, are supposed to go with the flow. So, adapting either it is about the automation of the processes or change in lifestyle is essential. Similarly, the hiring process is evolving too. Talent acquisition was initially about the job posting in the newspaper. Candidates had to apply, and HR was to ensure that the best talent gets the job. It was not accessible to everyone. But these digital job postings reach around the world and make it easy for HR to find the best candidate for a job.

Let’s see how automation has changed the whole process.

1. Resume screening software

Screening resumes is not a natural part of the job. It has always been a daunting task, especially for HR personnel. There is a huge list of candidates competing for the same position. So, in that case, you need something to make it happen fast. Tracking systems can filter the candidates using keyword algorithms. One of the most popular software for automated hiring is; hire by Google. Organizations are using it to connect with more and more talented candidates.

2. Test them before an interview

After filtering the candidates, we have to test them to filter some more talented individuals. The process is the same, but it is more efficient than before. AI is expanding, and time is not far when technology will be able to detect emotions and also respond accordingly.

So, we have to prepare ourselves for the future. This can be an initial test to know the person and the basic interpersonal skills of a candidate.

3. Use appointment scheduling software

The automation process and software will enable you to schedule the appointments without boggling your mind. There can be a lot in your mind, but the software can organize it and help you complete it without any hassles. You don’t have to ask each applicant to choose the time. You can send them available slots. They can choose one, and it will be marked on your calendar.

4. Recorded video interviews

Give the candidate a chance to fulfill the formalities online. It will save your time and their expense of traveling to the office. Imagine you want Premium Jackets and want to check it, now AR (augmented reality) is here to do it. Similarly, video interviews can at least benefit through a simple interview.

Give them a written task, or you can take recorded video interviews by asking a few questions. Those questions might be relevant to the job or requirement of the applied position. Interviews can be heard later, and many people can give their feedback after listening to the recording.

5. Automate follow-up reminders

You can set email reminders for follow-up. It can be about the reminder of the interview they have or a deadline for the given test. This way, you don’t need to keep a check on each applicant and remind each person for the scheduled interview. The follow-up reminders will do their job, and you can just sit back and relax or focus on something new.

6. Social media recruitment

Social media is another way to hire talent quickly. Social media platforms are now giving you the option for a job posting. People can apply through it, and you easily check their profiles. Collaborate with them on the same platform and get to know your candidates personally. Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms are giving this chance. Also, the increasing trend of freelancing demands to hire your talent online. And you will find the most talented people on these platforms. Candidates can build their portfolio to showcase their best talents. To write better, you take coursework writing services and make your profiles optimized.

7. Use CRM (candidate relationship management) systems

CRM (customer relationship management) which also work as candidate relationship management software that will automate the process completely. It ensures screening, scheduling, and integration with other tools to evaluate the candidate and make a better choice for choosing an individual for the required job position.

8. Automatic offer process

Once you have assessed the candidate completely and you are ready to appoint them. The software can generate automated offer letters to the candidates with better scoring. It will use a digital signature to make it perfect.

Benefits of Automating the Hiring Process

We may all agree that the automatic hiring process can lack accuracy as it can fail in understanding human emotions and motives. But it is also a fact that it can organize the system, reduce the cost, and save time. So, the following are some of the common benefits of automating the process of hiring.

  • Increases the quality of the hiring process
  • Saves time and effort
  • Increase the reach making it global
  • It organized the data
  • Scheduling is easy and quick
  • Bring the right talent to the companies
  • Increase the internal talent pool

We can admit that the job search facts are now different than the previous era. So, adopting the change is the ultimate thing to do right now.


Moreover, we may not be completely happy with the technology as it decreases the human essence. So, it is a great choice for organizing the process, but we may need to find out any other way for social collaboration too. Technology may get advance in reading emotions and responding better than humans, but the tenderness of human interaction is irreplaceable.

So, enjoy the benefits, but we may need to work on a few drawbacks of the automation. Till then, one can always stay organized by using the best HR automation tools for the effective hiring process.


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