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Top 6 Common Job Search Mistakes often made

The most common job search mistakes you might be making


From the view of many recruiters who see the candidates’ mistakes over and over again, WiPjobs invites you to look through the 6 most common job search mistakes that you might get surprised of!


  1. Searching without a plan. A series of random actions produces a series of random results. Design your plan and your target to find prospective jobs. This will increase your chances to get potential opportunities and your exposure on the market itself. Update your plan to find the desired job and to achieve success rather than waste your time on going through a thousand of advertisements.
  1. Not being active on online presence. Start by creating an active profile on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Try to stay active and establish an online network in different associations or organizations: this can expand your potential opportunities, too! The more you engage, the more opportunities you get.
  1. Underestimate your value. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Know what your value is in the market by using a salary site such as PayScale or Glassdoor to determine the minimum salary you deserve. People tend to agree for the less which minimizes their value. However, you should avoid negotiating during the first interview, because it might create a bad impression for the employer.
  1. Make no research about the company. Take some time to carefully research the company you are applying: their value, their recent project, their strengths, etc. You will know if the company’s culture fits you well. Plus, you will prepare for your interview to show that you do care about the company and have your potential future plan working there. Remember that you can answer most of the common interview questions just by doing the company research beforehand.
  1. Not starting your job search soon enough. You do not know what will happen in the following year. You should keep searching for a new job even when you are doing the one you like or else it could be too late. Start your job search at least before 18 months so you can be ready for your next job when the opportunity comes. The disadvantages are the pension for the loyalty or the potential promotion.
  1. Not cleaning up your online profile. Many people are unaware of the fact that employer can check their candidate’s online profile. Many candidates are rejected because of an inappropriate content like gossiping behind their previous boss on social media or poor communication skills. Make sure your online profile is clean and there is nothing that might create a negative impression for the recruiter.


Avoid these mistakes & make your job search an efficient one!


Source: lifehacker.com