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How to: jump into a new career with no experience

3 steps to start mastering your career with no experience


Have you ever wondered about a possibility to follow your passion, to dramatically change your path and to start a new career? Or are you too afraid to even think about it? Don’t be because it is a normal reaction to an unknown path! Yet, if you feel like it, it is worth-a-try! Learn 3 steps to start ruling your career even if you don’t have very much experience in the field & be an explorer!


  1. Get to know the role. In fact, the job description is your key to success. Learn to accentuate your strengths according to the job description of your dream role! Experience is important but your willingness to learn and your passion is what keeps you going forward! You should highlight your skills and your eagerness to contribute to the company. Plus, it would be helpful if you could discuss the role with someone who is currently working at the company (so that you could get some exclusive advice!).
  2. Learn. If there are some skills that you definitely should master to get the job, you should work towards that. Read some books or take courses to improve your skills because once again: if you have relevant skills, the experience will follow. Of course, it can take some extra time but this is worth it, right?
  3. Actually get some experience. Maybe you could have some freelance jobs? Maybe someone you know needs services that YOU are able to offer now (because you did learn something cool, didn’t you?)? Or maybe some organization is in need of a volunteer like you? Search for opportunities everywhere (on the Internet or your network) because it will help you improve your skill set!


The step 4 would be: go & get the job! But it is not necessary because we are sure you will! Be smart in your job search and curious enough to discover your possibilities in a new field!