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Why is feedback important when you didn’t get the job?

Feedback is important (even after the rejection)!


Job search is a quite exhausting process that every one of us has to face. It is obvious that one cannot be lucky all the time BUT you should try to act consciously! You should be aware of what to do if you get rejected in your job search. There is only one answer: keep looking forward! But before that, remember to get your feedback! Here are 4 reasons to worship the feedback from the company that has rejected your candidacy.


  1. You will actually find out what went wrong. Thus, you will save your time thinking of probable scenarios and strategies what you could have done differently. It is your chance to find out what exactly you could improve in order to succeed in the next job interview.
  2. It’s your chance to learn something new. Having an opinion from aside is always helpful. A feedback gives you a possibility to look at yourself from a different angle. Grab this opportunity and learn how to better represent yourself!
  3. Prove your curious spirit. Show that you are able to accept the rejection and to move forward. Plus, doing so you will prove that you are strong enough and are willing to learn a lesson out of every situation in life. It is a valuable quality, indeed! Constructive criticism is something that opens you a lot of doors because it leads to new points of view.
  4. Maintain a nice relationship with the company. Accept the fact of being rejected and be grateful for the possibility that the company had offered to you. Thus, there are more chances that in the future, the hiring manager will turn to you in the first place when they have a new offer!


Remember that you will eventually find your place! Just be yourself and explore your possibilities!



Source: themuse.com